Registration Hours [EN]

Production & Install Crew – Register hours in the App via:

Office Crew – Register hours in EeRM via:

  • Todo’s  37 sec – claim 1 digit activity codes (S, E, T etc) as much as possible on (potential) commercial projects
  • Homescreen  24 sec – claim 2 digits (ZZ, FM, HO etc) and 3 digits (SIC, STU, HOL etc) activity codes in the orange boxes in Timesheet at the bottom of your ToDo list in your homescreen

It is also important that:

  • Everyone who works on projects, please book the S, E, P, I and T hours as much as possible on the specific projects. This is because it gives us a better insight into what we do well and what can be improved.
  • Enter the correct activity code for the hours.
  • If you process hours via ToDo’s, train yourself to provide short descriptions of what you have done. Will costs you very little time and effort and in a very efficient way AND your hours are booked AND a file is created of the project history.

In case you do not yet have access to the App, please consult Dianne @EeStairs Dianne Mulder