EeStairs Founding Father of the Landscape House

EeStairs Founding Father of the Landscape House

The same passion that drives EeStairs to push the boundaries of our own creations and develop projects some may think are impossible, has inspired us to become a Founding Father in the ground breaking Landscape House project.

The Möbius-shaped house was Janjaap Ruijssenaars’ competition entry for beautiful housing in Ireland. Inspired by the spectacular landscape of the Emerald Isle Ruijssenaars, of Universe Architects, designed a house which celebrated the continuous nature of the landscapes around us, rather than interrupting them with bold designs.

Although the entry did not win the competition it has become Ruijssenaars ambition for the project to lead the way in 3D printing exceptional buildings. At over 1,100m2 Landscape House is set be the largest 3D printed building to date. External glass walls allow uninterrupted external views to be enjoyed throughout the building and Ruijssenaars has repurposed the project an exhibition venue that will draw the views into its exhibits.

The Founding Fathers are a group of industry experts, together aiming to bring the Landscape House into existence. With a wealth of experience in making the most extraordinary staircases a reality EeStairs is an ideal partner for even the most testing projects. With a phEelosophy of embracing challenging projects and a commitment to working closely with our partners, EeStairs offers support from initial designs to realisation, settling for nothing but the very best. EeStairs, and the other Founding Fathers, will combine their qualities and professional knowledge to support the Landscape House from initial designs to reality.

In September 2014 Ruijssenaars held the first forum for the Founding Fathers. This meeting brought together experts from a range of fields including; building and developing, interior design, glass structure specialists, marketing and EeStairs to help drive the project forward.

The founding fathers include:

During the first Landscape House Forum Rinus Roelofs, Mathematician and Artist, discussed the vision for the design of the project: to create a building without beginning, or end, a representation of landscapes all around us and inspired by the Möbius-shape. Museum Director, James Bradburne, focused on the purpose of the building and how Landscape House could become a space that embraces the changing seasons of its surroundings. Finally, Enrico Dini, 3D printing pioneer, explored the practical considerations of bringing this pioneering project to life. EeStairs’ creative director, Cornelis van Vlastuin and the rest of the founding fathers then had the opportunity to discuss how best to move the project forward.

“The opportunity to become a Founding Father in the Landscape House project has brought together leading authorities in their fields,” explains Vlastuin. “Together we are striving to create a project which harnesses the very latest construction technology with uncompromised aesthetics, resulting in a truly spectacular and innovative building.”

“We are extremely excited to be participating in such a remarkable development and are committed, along with the rest of the Founding Fathers, to brining the building to life!”

A video of the Founding Fathers Forum can be seen here.