Atkins HQ, Epsom [GB]

Atkins HQ, Epsom [GB]

EeStairs + North Mill + Atkins Global

Working to a scheme design from architect Northmill Associates for the redevelopment of the Atkins headquarters in Epsom, EeStairs UK completed the detail design and engineering for four large straight atrium staircases cantilevered from structural floors. Landings were created at the base and head of each staircase with intermediate rest landings incorporated into the scheme.

170 meters of glass balustrade was installed around the stairwells, requiring considerable protection by the main contractor, Speller Metcalfe. The staircases were supplied to site in large pre-fabricated sections and installed in large parts weighing up to 1300kg. Fabricated steel stringers, timber treads, glass balustrade, timber handrail, and a painted staircase structure were also provided.

Each staircase was connected back to the building using Halfen channels, which were pre-cast in to the concrete floors. Using these channels reduced installation time considerably.

The EeStairs team provided valuable installation experience, allowing each staircase to be lifted, positioned and fitted quickly.

Photography Leigh Simpson

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