Elegantly curved staircase
OICR, Toronto [CA]

OICR, Toronto [CA]

EeStairs + Diamond Schmitt + DryMar

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) required a staircase for its new facility.

The resulting sweeping helical staircase provides practical access between floors. A considerable amount of the genomics work undertaken at OICR deals with variant left-handed DNA, which is mirrored by the rise of the left-handed helical staircase.

A white stinger and internal balustrade teamed with one of EeStairs’ signature TransParancy glass balustrades, a custom shaped handrail and sleek brushed stainless steel standoffs. gives the staircase a cutting-edge feel.

The staircase captures the fundamental principal of interconnectivity that underpins this project, and is finished with the same quality and attention to detail as the rest of the facility.

Peggy Theodore, Associate at Diamond Schmitt Architects