Greenpower Fontwell West Sussex [GB]

Greenpower Fontwell West Sussex [GB]

The Greenpower Education Trust, who commissioned the design of these innovative MindStep™ stairs for their UK headquarters at Fontwell, may well contribute to the discovery of the next Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton – or the next great Formula 1 engineers and aerodynamic experts.

The MindStep™, designed by EeStairs architectural specialist Geoff Packer, is the staircase equivalent of a high performance car: stylish, precise, geometrically advanced. The main material used, laminated bamboo, is environmentally sustainable and almost as strong and stable as steel.

The skill of EeStairs craftsmen and installation team is shown in the accuracy of the sliced, wave-like geometry of the steps, the extended risers, and the precisely vertical pin-links between the handrail and the balustrade posts. The MindStep™ design won two Architizer A + Awards, a prestigious prize for the best architecture and design products in the world.

The MindStep™ stairs epitomise Greenpower’s technical and environmental ambitions. Greenpower, a charity, sponsors students between the ages of 11 and 24 to design, build and race electric cars.

The key idea is to encourage them to pursue – and excel in – science subjects. The UK alone needs at least 100,000 new science graduates every year. A growing number of international teams participate in Greenpower events and the USA, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and Poland have run programmes under the Greenpower license.