What is groovEe™?

EeStairs’ groovEe is a custom glass balustrade in which laminated tempered glass is placed in pre-formed concrete bases on balconies, patios, and platforms.

What is the aesthetic advantage of this balustrade?

In this glass balustrade channel system, the glazing panels rise directly from a secure rubber-sealed channel in the concrete base – without any need for mountings or posts.

Where can groovEe™ be used?

In interior settings and most exterior settings.

Should we take into account a maximum height and position of the glass balustrade?

Yes, because when the groovEe™ glass balustrade channel is used in outdoor situations, the height of the terraces or patios will get increased wind loads if they are high up. EeStairs can advise you if groovEe™ is to be used in high-rise situations.

Is the groovEe™ balustrade safe?

Yes, EeStairs’ in-house design and engineering team developed the glass balustrade channel system in consultation with construction and concrete experts.

At what time in the construction process should I specify groovEe™ glass balustrades?

The ideal time is in the building design phase, so that the groovEe™ installation can become a specific element in the construction and fit-out schedule.

What is the process once I’ve specified groovEe™ balustrades?

You tell EeStairs who will produce the prefabricated concrete elements, and we contact them to explain the technical implementation details with them. We then supply them with the groovEe™ PVC profiles which form the mould for the prefabricated concrete base element. The glass panels are fitted once the concrete base has cured.

What is the delivery time of the groovEe™ glass balustrade system?

We can normally deliver the base moulds quickly from stock. The measured glass panels can usually be delivered to site in about eight weeks.

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