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Gold, the hot colour for 2021

There’s something very special about the colour gold. If you think of a bar of gold bullion, you think of its monetary value. But gold has many other values – especially its aesthetic value. Which is why gold can be a key colour in interior design, or the design of important architectural features. Did you know that gold is going to be one of 2021’s international on-trend colours. We knew this – and we’re already ahead of the trend.

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Tight space? Golden solution!

For example, when EeStairs designed and perfected its unique 1m2 staircase, we made sure that the steel post and radial treads could be factory finished in any RAL colour, including gold. It’s easy to imagine a 1m2 staircase, powder-coated in gold, lighting up a cramped corner, and leading upwards stylishly to a cool office or bedroom.

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Rising up a golden ellipse

In London, our ‘antique’ gold-bronze finish on the handrail and balustrade rails gave the elliptical stairs in the law office of Bird & Bird a warm visual and tactile gravitas, which added to the architectural quality of the staircase, designed by MCM Architecture.

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A touch of glitz at a boutique hotel

And also in London, at the One Blackfriars Hotel, the feature stairs leading up from the reception area, designed by Powerstrip Studio and Simpson Haugh Architects, have a gold-painted balustrade. That colour, and the shining balusters, adds an extra level of visual style.

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And how about human gold?

None of these stair projects would be possible without the EeStairs in-house designers, engineers, fabricators, and installers. We humbly suggest that their ideas, and the quality of their work, sets a Gold Standard for our feature stairs.

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