Steel staircase

There’s a common misconception that steel staircase design can only produce utilitarian structures, devoid of style or emotion. However, when handled with appropriate detailing and design, we believe a steel staircase can be anything but dull. Due to the structural properties of steel we are able to create slim, elegant designs. And because steel is long-lasting and recyclable, a steel staircase does not burden the environment. Our WeldLess® principle that makes joints invisible ensures a steel staircase design from EeStairs has a wonderful finish.

Metal stairs made out of steel is certainly not the most expensive option, but because of the many possibilities it offers in terms of style and finish, it is definitely versatile. We can produce an EeStairs® steel staircase in all sorts of styles, such as straight flights, spiral stairs, quarter turn stairs or helical stairs. There are also many options when it comes to the finish of metal stairs. Powder coating is hard wearing and available in almost any colour, so it is very useful for metal stairs. For functional staircases in exterior locations a hot-dipped galvanised finish is best. But whatever style you choose, EeStairs will always create your special design in the highest possible quality. For your choise in steel and industrial stairs metal is the material to go.

Metal stairs

Metal is a key component in many contemporary staircase designs, it’s versatile nature and ability to be customised with ease makes it a popular material and metal staircase design can be seen across a variety of built environments. It’s for these reasons that metal stairs can be found in all kinds of applications, from stylish luxury homes to large commercial office spaces.

Steel is the metal most associated with metal stairs design. Stainless steel is an ideal material for contemporary staircases, stylish, robust and long lasting – it is also 100% recyclable. The material is often used in a staircase’s handrail and can also regularly be found as the key component of a spiral staircase’s central column.

Mild steel has a more plain appearance however it is possible to powder coat the metal in hard-wearing paint available in almost any colour, making it a popular choice in metal stairs design. A growing trend in metal staircase design is the use of liquid-metal paint finishes on steel to produce an exclusive, luxurious finish for the metal staircases.

Metal stairs continue to be a hugely popular option and with metal staircases created by EeStairs you can be rest-assured that you have a partner that will create something that will not only look great, but also stand the test of time.