The future of stair design is... HISTORIC!

The most exciting ideas in 21st century architecture are not always new. Certainly not when it comes to the design of extraordinary staircases. For example, we’re very proud of the external helical stairs at our headquarters in the Netherlands, which sweep upwards gracefully without any central support.

But we have to admit that history got there first.

Sixty years ago, Oscar Niemeyer, one of the true geniuses of 20th century architecture, created the most amazing helical staircase in the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia. No central support, no balustrades. Just wide steps rising in a breathakingly exquisite curve.

We don’t mind coming second to the great Niemeyer!

And the next time you walk up a spiral staircase, remember that you’re actually walking up a descendant of spiral stairs in Gothic cathedrals.

Which proves that great staircase designs are TIMELESS.