The 1m2™ attic stair is super stylish

If you need permanent compact attic stair, the 1m2™ staircase is an outstanding attic stair design – and much more stylish than an attic ladder. The design of the compact 1m2™ staircase is innovative, featuring a unique slanted column with an integral attic stair railing.

The 1m2™ attic staircase complies with regulations, and is the stylish 21st century alternative to manually deployed attic ladders, which are narrow, often wobble underfoot, and require users to grip the stairs with both hands.

Space saver attic stairs have become more important than ever because they make it possible to open up more useable space in houses and offices – and the demand for something better than a compact attic ladder has increased since the pandemic.

Space saving attic stairs increase the value of properties because they provide permanent, secure access to a room-in-the-roof storage space, bedroom, or office. Many millions of people who normally work in offices will continue working at home after the pandemic is under control and an attic stair will make that possible.

The installation of a fixed staircase to a loft or attic normally requires a significant ‘footprint’ and large aperture at the top of the stairs. But EeStairs have taken loft stair design to a new level with the 1m2™ stairs.